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It's Not Easy to Improve on Mother Nature -
But Here's An Amazing New Breakthrough for Bottled Water

Introducing "Aroma Water™" the worlds first bottled water which has delicious fruit flavor but without ANY direct additives at all! This amazing new bottled water allows you to enjoy 100% pure water but with the sensation of fruit flavor. If you compare Aroma Water to other so called flavored waters, you will find they are filled with the same ingredients as many diet soft drinks. Aroma Water is 100% PURE Water without any of the bad stuff.

Aroma + Water. It Just Makes Great Sense
Did you know that 90% of your sense of taste actually comes from your sense of smell? Of course, everyone knows the healthiest thing you can drink is 100% pure water. Combine the two and you have the secret of Aroma Water. We fill each bottle with 100% pure, thirst-quenching water with NO additives whatsoever. Then it is sealed with our patented ScentSational cap which is made with highly aromatic FDA approved fruit flavors which actually infuses scent into the water. When you take a drink, you smell the great fruit aroma and your and taste buds experience the sensation of delicious fruit flavor. You get the flavor you crave while body gets the pure hydration it needs.

Aroma Water is 100% PURE - free of contaminants
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Calories
  • No Sodium
  • No Carbohydrates
  • No Additives
  • Kids and Adults love it
Additional Benefits
Are you dieting? Aroma Water helps you to drink those eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day which practically every diet plan calls for. Aroma Water can assist in weight loss by helping to suppress food cravings. Its also a great Aromatherapy tool to help to combat stress and lift your mood. Drink Aroma Water for great taste, pure hydration and for a healthy mind and body. All in one bottle of totally pure water, with one totally amazing cap!

A portion of the proceeds from every Aroma Water sale is donated to charities fighting childhood obesity and related illnesses.

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Local Bottling / Distribution Opportunities Available:
Aroma Water™ is bottled by a nationwide network of local and regional water bottlers. Interested water companies, distributors and retailers should email for more information.